Current Litters @ our kennel  
Kazan Kati-Vlci Mak  IPO I, Ahips/elbows  X  Hera von der Sigisliebe IPO II, KKL, A hips/elbows

Puppies born
23th of november
5 males (4 sables & 1 black) 1 female (sable)

Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz
IPO III, KKL Ahips/elbows  X  Malika von der Daelenberghütte IPO III, KKL, A hips/elbows

born 16th of december
6 males (4 sables&2 bi-colors) & 4 females (1 bi-color & 3 sables)

litters @ our kennel

Max vom Haus Targa  IPO III, KKL, Ahips/elbows  X  Tipsi von der Eichendorfschule IPO III, KKL, A hips/elbows
Puppies expect around 17th of february


Future planned litters @ our kennel

Feel free to contact us for our future breeding plans, so you might be able to fill in the question-marks

Kailey vom Borbecker Muhlenbach will be bred to..??
Ollily de la Cité Haika
..will be bred to..??

We will be glad to help you to purchase a pup out of one of the combinations above and if  you are looking for another puppy, please send us your requirements ( such as colour, preferred bloodlines, price, ... ) and we will look for the perfect match.   for more info